Breathtaking scenery
The four seasons of Tanigawa

Enjoy Nature

A relaxing hot spring resort, where guests can enjoy the stunning scenery
of Mt. Tanigawa across the four seasons.

Ryokan Tanigawa is located in a quiet hot spring region that extends across the foot of the south side of Mt. Tanigawa. Just as the ryokan's motto states, "Mt. Tanigawa, almost at the tip of your fingers," this beautiful mountain can be seen from the Tanigawa district, offering unique views across the four seasons: lingering snow and cherry blossoms, fresh greenery and cool breezes, Japanese maple leaves bursting into flames in the fall, and vast snowy landscapes. Inside Joshin'etsu Kogen National Park, modern buildings can be seen blending themselves naturally into the tranquil scenery of Tanigawa Onsen, a location much loved by its large number of visitors.


Enjoy our Food

Four tea houses offering delicious seasonal flavors from the Joshu region

Ryokan Tanigawa offers dishes focused on the use of local, seasonal ingredients, showing a strong connection to its motto of "Local Production for Local Consumption." In addition, the ryokan also offers creative dishes based on traditional recipes and techniques, with added western-style flavors.


Enjoy our Hot Spring

A hot spring overflowing with nutrients,offering plenty of hot water and over 20 health benefits.

The sources of the Tanigawa Onsen hot spring gushed out at this location during the Edo period. Since then, it has continued to flow copiously for hundreds of years. There are four water sources with four different temperatures, offering an abundant outflow of colorless and transparent hot water that is clean and of great quality.


"Just like greeting family
that we have not seen for a while."


Get up close and be enchanted
by Tanigawa's nature across the four seasons

Guest rooms feature an understated Japanese-style design.


Lodging of Osamu Dazai,
a literary master known for literary works such as
"Run, Melos ! " and "No Longer Human."

Kan-Etsu Expressway
10 minutes by car from the Minakami Interchange.
Easy access from Tokyo, approximately 2.5 hours' away.